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Want to have Software Development Team on Contract?

            Seek a design or development company or teams for Software Application?


Here is the new business opportunity for you to hire dedicated and experienced team of programmers for stand alone applications development, website development, mobile development, business consultation, database administration, technical writing and configuration management team.


With over 15 years experience in IT industry from small IT companies to big ones like IBM, Siemens, Navteq, Nokia, American Express, HP and others, we offer to build Research & Development Delivery Center for you. We set up business model, reflect your needs and software standards with developing of proper communication, reporting channels, on boarding and training processes and IT infrastructure. Our development and testing team is specialized in technical writing, business analysis as well as consulting in area of QA like Agile. We adapt all development standards and practices in sync up with our partner. You will benefit from new ideas and professional, experienced, flexible, lean and efficient team, consisted of SW engineers, who are located in Slovakia-Kosice region.


Our proposed business models:

                        1. Delivery Center Model

                        2. Work Package Model

                        3. Project Model


We support Agile Project Management and Test Automation to bring significant advantages to our partner, with fast feedback and flexibility to apply new requirements and modifications in runnable software application within weeks.



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