"Find Your IT Outsource Solution In 3 Steps"
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1. Software Product Development/Solutions

We provide complex Software Product & Application Services for software design, development and testing; as well as operations and maintenance of those systems. Manesit Ltd. also offers wide range of technical services supporting software technology, creativity and innovation initiatives. We follow partner needs and build up collaborative and longstanding relationship with our clients, offer innovative research support and develop on time under cost-effective and high quality services.  

2. Building Prototype

Our IT experts can develop prototype application that achieve your goal and saves you time and costs. Major advantage of prototyping with us is saving your own resources in research and development in the shorter project timeline and speeding up to the market.  

3. Software Development Support

Our business IT support services include strong IT assistance with finding innovations, improved design, reengineering of your existing solution. It provides partial software support from concrete module of your application through configuration to release management in development environment.


We operate in following business domains:

-          software application from frontend to backend (Java/JEE & C++ Development, Microsoft .NET, PHP, )

-          mobile platforms(iPhone/ iPad, Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian),

-          embedded systems(automotive and windows drivers)

References to SW projects


We are using following software technologies:


.NET Applications

WPF Applications, ASP.MVC, SQL Server, Post Relational Databases (schema less)


Java applications

Spring, JSF, Swing, Image Processing, External Devices Control


Windows Drivers

NDIS Drivers, Intermediate Drivers, Protocol Security Enhancements, Protocol Implementations


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